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Pestos, Dips, And Sauces

Galmere produces award winning green and red pestos as well as low fat and speciality varieties. People are now using pesto both in the traditional manner on pasta as well as an accompaniment sauce for meat and fish, as well as a dip for snacking.

Irish produced pesto is growing in popularity, both in its home market and abroad. On 2 January, 2013, The Irish Examiner reporting on Selfridges in London said, “The store, which sells nine types of Italian pesto, noted that customers who tried the Irish fresh pesto out of curiosity kept returning for more.”

Hummus is another favourite with most people opting for traditional varieties. But new flavours including lemon and coriander, as well as spicy red pepper, are fuelling growth in the sector. Other dips, such as guacamole and salsa, are being supported by new trends such as tzatziki and wasabi.

Galmere produces fine pour-over-pasta sauces with authentic Italian flavour for great family meals. They also manufacture a range of sauces for meat and fish including grain mustard and cider, classic Bourguignon and forestiere mushroom.

organic, HSE and BRC food certified food producer in Ireland
organic, HSE and BRC food certified food producer in Ireland